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VACUUM BARRIER INTRODUCES their new liquid nitrogen sensor controlled phase separator

DECEmber 2008 - WOBURN, MA Vacuum Barrier introduces their new liquid nitrogen Sensor Controlled Phase Separator to compliment their complete line of liquid nitrogen phase separators.

The new Sensor Controlled will become part of the family of phase separators that includes the Single Outlet and Modulating Valve, previously known as the Multiple Outlet. All three when combined with VBC Semiflex/Triax liquid nitrogen piping will provide low pressure atmospheric liquid nitrogen delivery on demand to all use points.

The new Sensor Controlled liquid nitrogen phase separator is entirely vacuum jacketed and constructed of Austenitic Stainless Steel. The system is equipped with a Pneumatic control valve and liquid level control box and is available with a Sealed or Dynamic Vacuum.

For fifty years Vacuum Barrier has remained the leader in liquid nitrogen handling equipment. Their highly skilled team of engineers has a combined 175 years of experience with Vacuum Barrier and continues to design, engineer and fabricate liquid nitrogen handling equipment within their Massachusetts facility. For more information on how Vacuum Barrier can assist you with your liquid nitrogen handling needs, or to locate a highly trained worldwide distributor, please visit their Web site at or contact them directly at 781-933-3570, or via email at



November 2008 - Campbell, CA

Vacuum Barrier Alliance announces their new 3-D technology (directional dose dispersion) that is available as an option on their NITRODOSE® liquid nitrogen dosing equipment and easily adapts to all models


October 2008 - Campbell, CA

Vacuum Barrier Alliance announces the addition of Stainless SEMIFLEX to their vacuum jacketed liquid nitrogen piping line


September 2008 - Campbell, CA

Vacuum Barrier Alliance announces Dynamic SEMIFLEX cryogenic piping - new 10 year warranty Read more...

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